To give or receive

Have you seen that Lexus commercial when some beautiful woman unveils this fantastic new car in the middle of her architecturally luxurious living room for her happy husband?  He doesn’t even look surprised!  I would be wondering how I arrived inside a life where a Lexus sitting next to my couch didn’t make me faint right there on the floor in the pixie dust because I’d have to have fallen into Never Never Land.

I want to be that generous someday.  Skipping right over the idea of the possibility of actually surprising someone with a shiny new car, part of the appeal of the Lexus commercial is the idea of giving big.  Of course, they say, no one wants a smaller gift.  But I think it’s the importance of the feeling of giving that is so special.  It’s so exceptional that it’s hard to describe.  Happy.  Proud.  Kind.  Good.  It’s almost like the feeling I get when I know that the students I teach have learned something singularly meaningful to them.  I’ve given them something lasting.  Something big.  Not everyone can know that feeling of teaching someone something, but one can learn the feeling of giving.

I gave each of my sons $5 to buy holiday gifts a week before it was time to give them.  They could not let a day go by without asking me if it was time to give the gifts.  They could barely keep them a secret, hidden inside the wrapping paper.

Tonight, Mommy?  You’re going to like it, one said with a devilish lilt to his voice and a delighted grin that stretched from his adorable face to my gratified heart.

Giving doesn’t mean something expensive; just giving will feel good to the giver knowing that the receiver will appreciate it.  And so, learning how precious giving can feel is fulfilling.  Satisfaction like that can’t be measured.