Adult themes for YA lit.

I apologize, for I’m a hypocrite.  I’ve read and thoroughly enjoyed The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series, which is full of violence.  Hard and far removed from anything in my experience, I kept reading all three books in a row as fast as I could.  So, I want to step back from my last review of Suzanne Collins’ The Hunger Games series.  I would still admit that they are violent.  I would still refrain from recommending them to students younger than maybe 7th grade.  But, I read the books furiously and intently, and I can firmly say that I admire Collins for her imagination and fantastic ideas because they are vivid and still stick in my head, even though they aroused pain and hurt and loss.  So, please forgive me for my “quick-to-dis” attitude; I hope to learn from Collins, and Meyer and Rowling as well, who, without their crafty use of violence and layers of adult themes, may not have met with success.  More than anything and everything, I want to learn from them.