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Violet could always read people by their colors, but that wasn’t all that made her different from everyone else. Around her neck, she wears a violet charm her mother gave her to remind her how special she is. And to keep her safe. An ordinary eighth grader in every other way, Violet never thought that seeing her best friend’s melon swirl or her dad’s shades of blue was much of a gift. So, she usually kept the visions to herself. Until she realized that she had been misunderstanding the depth of the colors all along. When Violet gets in the way of misplaced vengeance, she learns that the colors she sees can give her courage she never knew she had inside. But when truths are unveiled to Violet in the colors and notes her mother left behind, she and her friends must face challenges they hadn’t expected. Bringing together the reality of teenage life with the magic of a fantasy tale and the theme of a classic, Violet’s Secret is a colorful first novel by Lori Rill.